How to listen to JPopsuki Radio!

JPopsuki Radio is now also "back" and hopefully better than ever, but foremost - here to stay in its 192kbps MP3 glory.
We will try our best to entertain you with a random playlist of currently over 15000 songs in our "off-time" and with the occessional live show.
There will also be genre themed playlists to specific times each day/week which will be displayed in the schedule down below, they are not ready yet so the schedule seems kinda empty.

Below is also the main hub for all radio information, while it still has some problems - the recent tracks list is kinda buggy - it should give you some insight into whats currently playing and an easy way to tune in. Use the "Pop-up" link below to have the stream info display in its own popup windows in case you want to use the embedded flash player, otherwise use one of the playlist icons to connect using your own media player.
You can also find the stream in the ShoutCast and IceCast streaming directorys or via various Android and iPhone apps for stream listening.

Now all left to say is: enjoy!
(Pop-Up) (Pop-Up - HTML5 Player only)